Other Useful Sites For SlideTrax Visitors

» Have Fun While Learning to Play Guitar
The Guitar Leads Master Volume features more than 425 riffs and practice segments from 80 plus all time classic rock songs. Each lesson contains full speed and half speed audio which loops continuously. The audio can be started and stopped on demand and features REAL guitar audio. Each lesson also comes with accurate tabs to your can play along. http://www.guitar-leads.com


» Guitar Noise - free guitar lessons
Free guitar lessons online, exclusive interviews, tablature, advice on careers, songwriting, and much more. Serving beginners and pros since 1995. http://www.guitarnoise.com


» Guitar-1.com
Guitar guides by topic. Looking for some accurate information from a guitar professional on your favorite topic - guitars. Your first one is FREE. Additional topics are only $0.99. http://www.guitar-1.com


» Song Surgeon Slow Down Music Software
Song Surgeon is a must-have tool for any musicans of all stripes. Whether you are play guitar, clarinet, oboe, drums, piano or anything else... Song Surgeon will allow you to slow the music down so you can hear what is being played. In addition to tempo change, Song Surgeon changes pitch, file formats, allows you to create practice loops and changes the EQ. http://www.songsurgeon.com