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United States
23 July, 2014

This is a great new product. It is easy to use, and allows me to create videos from all of my songs it almost no time. I have recommended this to several other musicians. Thanks for a terrific product

Rating:    5/5
08 December, 2014

I bought Slidetrax because I am half of a Duo with a Facebook page but no web site, and I wanted to be able to put up some mp3s for potential bookers to listen to. Facebook as you know doesn't have the facility to do this, accepting only video or photo's. With video the problem is getting a half decent sound since the film has to be taken out in the audience and camcorders whilst producing a great picture these days, are rubbish when it comes to sound. The software does exactly what I need, it took me less than 5 minutes to get a track on the Facebook page and our small but loyal following are really pleased. I noticed that the photo I used seems very pixelated (if that's how you spell it!!) as if it had been shot on a sub 1M mobile phone and not the 16M that it is, but it may be that I can alter the settings in the software to remedy this. Even if I can't I'm very happy with the final result which is to get an mp3 up there. It's very quick and simple to use and I love it. As to what could improve it, the only thing I can think of is if there is a way to use several photo's, like a Slideshow instead of just the one. Frankly I don't care, it's a little gem so thanks and well done. One final comment, your customer service is great, I had a problem and within half an hour it was sorted. Keep up the great work.

Rating:    5/5
07 January, 2015

That insight solves the prelbom. Thanks!

Rating:    1/5
Ray D.:
04 June, 2015

SlideTrax has converted all my audio into mpeg Video, and with some very high definition photography added as a Cover Page, the product plays "lossless" and is great on a flash drive stick via the USB on the Hi-Def TV. - I expect to change the Format and upload to YouTube some time in the future, but until then, so far so good, and I thank you again.

Rating:    5/5
05 June, 2015

Muchos Gracias for your blog post. ddfdceddeddgecdc

Rating:    1/5
Miranda :
23 July, 2015

So glad I found SlideTrax! This product does something so easy and quick... it converts audio files to YouTube videos! And it does it in just a few minutes! They have made technology that much easier for me! Thank you!

Rating:    5/5