SlideTrax Development
Updates / Upgrade

SlideTrax provides all intra-version updates free. For example, if the current version is and an updated version is released, all version 1 customers would get this update free of cost. All current versions of SlideTrax are stored on the SlideTrax Help Desk in the Downloads Section, and can be accessed and downloaded at any time.

Releases of new major versions are not free. When a new major version is released, for example going from version 1 to version 2, all existing customers will receive a special discount between 25-35% off the new version pricing. The special discount is available ONCE each time a new version is released.

If you purchased SlideTrax within 3 months of the release of a new major version, you are entitled to receive the new version free.

When SlideTrax releases a new major version, customers are not required to purchase the new version. We will continue to support the more recent older versions on the Help Desk. However, at some point, very old versions will no longer be supported.